The unique step by step system for building a truly useful 72 hour kit

(Even if you are short on time or money!)

Build a personalized 72 hour kit checklist | 72 Hour kit plan
Build your own 72 hour kit checklist | 72 Hour kit plan
Build your own 72 hour kit | 72 Hour kit checklist

You worry that help may not reach you for 72 hours (or more) following a catastrophe.


And the last thing you want is for your family to be vulnerable

But you feel helpless . . . maybe even a bit panicked because:

You don't know how to start putting together a survival kit for your family. 


You Want...

But you are stuck because:


You Wonder...

That's Why I created the

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan Guide Book

A complete 26 step system for building a practical 72 hour kit

(So you can confidently care for your family in time of need)
Get Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan Now For $16.99

My name is Misty Marsh.  I'm a mom, wife and an emergency preparedness coach.


Back in 2010, I was exactly where you are now:

I felt a NEED to put together a 72 hour kit for my family but I was clueless as to where to start. 

I decided to take things one step - and one week - at a time.

Each week, I shared one step of my plan with my (very few at the time) blog readers - and it was powerful!

Eventually, this simplistic 26 step plan hit Pinterest, my website traffic spiked and I realized there were many people searching for the valuable step by step system I had created.

After many requests, I finally turned my system into the (more detailed) eBook you've found here.

This guide book walks you through a proven system for creating a customized kit that will work for your family - so you can avoid frantic, last minute decisions and vulnerable feelings.

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan Includes:

26 Simple Steps

I break the process of creating a 3 day survival kit down into 26 simple steps so you can easily put together your kit one step at a time.

But small steps doesn't mean a lack of information.  In fact, you'll find 70 pages of  tips, ideas, lists, advice and suggestions.

This unique system is designed to simplify the process of putting together a useful 72 hour kit for your family.

Pros and Cons

For most steps, I also include pros and cons for various options - so you can easily compare your choices

This allows you to make focused, informed decisions of what will work best for your family!

Budget Options

When I started building my kit, we were poor law school students with twin baby boys.  I get that there isn't always a lot of money to spare for emergency preparedness.

That is why, whenever possible, I list low budget, medium budget and high budget options for many of the 26 steps.

This is powerful information that allows you full control over what goes in your kit and where you spend your money.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

That's why I've included pictures of my own complete 72 hour kit - a REAL kit that works for a REAL family (one with kids).

This will give you perspective for how to pack your kit and save you enormous amounts of time trying to figure it out on your own.


Print important labels, forms, ID Kits, checklists and more!

Many of these valuable printables are also edit-able (in Microsoft word) so you can customize them for your family.

Start building your family's unique 72 hour kit today!

Get Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan Now For $16.99

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Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan

Hi! I’m just getting started building my 72 hour kits and your book has been incredibly helpful! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile (think YEARS haha), but I never knew how to get started. Your book has made it foolproof! I’m now on week 7 and I already feel so much more prepared!


This is AMAZING. This year my husband and I are putting together our 72 hour kits/food storage/emergency preparedness for our little family of three. Your [book], and each [section] has helped IMMENSELY. Thank you thank you so much for putting all the work and time into this. You might have just saved our lives with this wonderful information


LOVE this! I’ve been trying to team up with my mom for quite a while to get our family prepared! I’m thinking that since everything is already laid our for us…WE CAN DO IT!!


I sincerely hope you start this important project today!  

You deserve to be calm, confident and reliable when disaster hits.

I commit to doing all I can to help you build a useful 72 hour kit for your family.  You are welcome to email me anytime with questions as you work through the 26 steps.

I won't use fear to motivate  you.  I will simply walk you my unique system one step at a time in systematical, bit-sized pieces.

The end result will be the confidence that comes from knowing you are prepared.

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Start building your family's unique 72 hour kit today!

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan

Put together your unique kit one step at a time
Make focused, informed decisions for YOUR family
Have full control over what goes in your kit and what you invest more (or less) money in
Time saving ideas (pictures) for how to pack your kit
Customizeable labels, ID kits and checklists


Start my Unique Kit Now

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan

+ Your Shelf Stable Pantry

Create a unique, cost effective 72 hour kit one step at a time
Learn to make meals with food storage that your family will enjoy
Make certain your family doesn't get sick from eating food storage in an emergency (by using it regularly)
31 food storage recipes - breakfast, lunch, dinner, breads & sides
Access to 8 conversion charts easily use food storage in YOUR recipes


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