The Simply Prepared Binder

15 Free Printable Documents to Quickly Build an Extensive "Grab and Go" Emergency Binder

Why Have a Grab and Go Binder?

Because it will make your life easier!  Promise.  You will be able to find what you need when you need it.  That means time savings and we can all use a bit of extra time any day, right?

But that time savings will be even more important in an emergency or disaster situation.  Every second will count when trying to find a lost loved one or use a first aid skill or quickly evacuate.  Having a "grab and go" binder will save you precious seconds and minutes and allow you to focus on your loved ones needs in an emergency.

Download Your Binder Now

These 15 printable sheets (scroll down for details) will save you hours of time and give you peace of mind as you create your own “Simply Prepared Binder.”  Simply print, fill them out and you are done.  No detailed thought or research required.  I’ve done all that for you.  Easy Peasy!

Recieve your 15 free printables right away and get started on your binder today! Then, each week look forward to a new, similarly valuable download, printable, or quick tip. Get prepared in less time by letting me do much of the work for you.

This Isn't Like Other Freebies...

Sometimes you might find freebies on various websites that are more about just getting your email address so they can sell junk to you than about providing you with real value, help and education.

This Isn't One Of Those Times.

Sure, if I find a great product or tool that I believe will give you a quick win and save you time or amazing deal on a preparedness product I use and love, I'll clue you in!  But...

I'm Just Like You....BUSY!

I won't waste your time. You don't have time for an inbox full of junk, right?  Value, quick wins, and time saving tips are my goal!  Each week, I will send you a short email with actionable, practical, easy to implement, tips and printables.

This is what you will get today and over the next few weeks:

    The most complete emergency binder (grab and go binder) available to print for free. Recently upgraded from 5 to 15 printables. Includes a checklist of all the important documents you need to gather, an evacuation checklist, multiple ID Forms, various emergency phone numbers lists, a first aid quick guide, a password tracker and more. Plus, she will send you an additional amazing free printable or emergency tip each week!

    Simply Prepared Binder Forms:

    • Choice of 2 different binder covers (one is more "secure)
    • Important Document Checklist
    • Evacuation Checklist
    • Emergency Phone Numbers
    • Financial Numbers
    • Insurance Numbers
    • Medical Provider Numbers
    • Utility Provider Numbers
    • Family and Friend's Number
    • Child ID Form
    • Adult ID Form
    • Pet ID Form
    • First Aid Quick Guide
    • Password Tracker

    Also Included Today:

    • Ideas for keeping your binder secure
    • Tips for getting fingerprints / DNA
    • Other suggestions of what to include in your binder
    • Uses for the ID Forms
    • Supplies I suggest for creating your binder (low, medium and high budgets)

    Over the Next Few Weeks:

    • 10 Ways to Prepare for Free
    • Grocery Sales Cycles (What to Stock When)
    • Real Life Experience: Living Without Running Water and What I Learned
    • The Best Powerless Laundry Options
    • 11 Ways to Spend Less on E-Prep
    • First AId Kit Checklist
    • 72 Hour Kit Checklist
    • And More!

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    From the Simply Prepared Binder Creator, Misty Marsh

    As a mom, I get what it feels like to want to be prepared, but not know where to start.  It is overwhelming!

    When my twins boys were born in late 2007, I didn't have a clue about how to really provide for our family and be self-reliant.  I was scared that I wouldn't be able to take care of those adorable little boys in a tough situation.  So, I started studying up on emergency preparedness. 

    I found a lot of info, and much of it was overwhelming.  But  I've learned that it doesn't have to be overwhelming or stressful if you take it just one step at a time.  I've made it my mission to help preparedness "newbies" (like I was a few years ago) break things down into simple, do-able steps.

    In this free printable and followup emails, I’ve used my passion for e-prep, organization skills and years of experience to create a simple system for becoming better prepared to care for your family. 

    Start with your Grab and Go Simply Prepared Binder.  Then, spend just a few minutes with me each week as I send you additional tips and printables. 

    You won’t break the bank and you won’t overload your life with stress.  You will be better prepared to provide for you own and have more peace of mind!

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