Powerfully simplistic emergency preparedness tools for responsible families

  • Fill-able Grab and go binder printables
    Save time by typing (instead writing) in the information for your grab and go binder. Open them, type in your information, save and print them out! When you need to edit, just re-open and re-type just that one item. Easy Peasy!
  • Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan
    This step by step system will teach you how to create a cost effective 72 hour kit that is unique to your family
  • Simply Prepared with Misty Marsh
    This 12 week course will walk you step by small step through the process of getting ready to provide for your family in any emergency or disaster. Available in video, downloadable audio, and printable formats for your busy life
  • Your Shelf Stable Pantry
    Food storage doesn't have to be boring, bland, basic or difficult. Learn how to make meals your family will enjoy with 100% food storage
  • The Prepare My Life Planner
    The Prepare My Life Planner is a system you can use to create an organized, sensible family emergency plan. It is also designed to store your important documents in a smart, secure way