Hi There! I'm Misty Marsh  - a mom of four.  I am prepared and ready to care for my children in emergency situations.  And I know I can provide for them without relying on others.  Those two things bring tremendous security.

Since 2007  I've supported thousands of others in gaining the knowledge, skills and supplies they need to confidently care for their own families during emergencies and become more self-reliant.

But - importantly -  I don't believe that emergency preparedness should overtake your life.  Life is to be enjoyed!  God and faith in Him help with that balance.

In addition, my goal is to make emergency preparedness uncomplicated and my proven methods are powerfully simplistic.  I break things down into do-able steps - quick wins that you can actually accomplish.

I'd love to start by offering you the following valuable gift:



When I found Misty, the whole world of preparing changed for me. Her method of teaching and writing did so in a way as to not scare and overwhelm, but to encourage and build from where you are, wherever that might be.  She is like the helpful friend that knows way more than you do and is willing to do what she can to help you actually succeed.  Her material is always educated, thorough and well thought out.  Then she conveys that material in a way that even regular people like me can understand.

-Jessica, UT

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