THRIVE foods vs Other Food Storage Brands

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Let’s talk about how THRIVE compares to other long term food storage brands.  I don’t want to speak negatively about any other company.  I don’t believe there is any one company that comes out below THRIVE in all the following areas.  There are other good companies and choices out there.  However, I believe THRIVE comes out as the best in each of the following areas. I know that sound prejudicial since I sell the stuff. And yes, since I’m on the THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) board and personally know all the owners and executives.  But remember, I didn’t know the owners well or start selling it until after I had done all this research and decided it was the only food I wanted for my family.  Plus, being on the board gives me great insight into just how much effort goes into THRIVE.

Quality / Taste


THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) is serious about the quality of their THRIVE foods.  THRIVE Life  buys their product in bulk, and each batch is individually tested, sampled and approved by an on-site quality assurance department (including one of the owners of the company…he tastes every batch) and FSIS Inspector. The THRIVE Life quality assurance team carefully reviews each product to verify that it meets standards of premium quality.  Only then is it canned and covered with a THRIVE label.  They take great precaution in every step of the process to ensure you’re eating only the best.  They have rejected entire batches of food (even if it create back orders) or cut off relationships with suppliers when they don’t meet their high standards of quality.  The simply will not sell an inferior product.

They are also relentless in finding the best food sources, and go to great lengths to test multiple sources until they find the best foods available. They won’t sell a product unless they feel it is superior to most others available.  They even have an organic food line.  And the large majority of THRIVE foods contain no preservatives, additives, or artificial colors / flavors.  In addition, they are mostly non-gmo, and msg and gluten free.  Learn more about that here.

Plus, they simply taste great!  I’ve done blind taste tests with other brands and THRIVE always wins.  THRIVE Life’s goal is to provide a food line that works as food storage b/c of a long shelf life, but is actually meant for everyday use.  My kids love the fruits, and even many vegetables dry!  Because of the great taste, I am easily able to use THRIVE everyday in my regular recipes.  This saves time and money and helps me avoid waste.

Other Companies

From my research, I’ve found that most other food storage companies do not package their own foods. This is done by others and the product is simply re-labeled.  Some companies also combine various individual ingredients of other companies and package them in ready to eat entrees.  In my opinion, both of these situations can seriously limit the control they have over the quality of the food they are selling you.  You may get a great batch one time, and a not so great one the next!


I have many, many customers who have purchased from various other companies for years.  When they try THRIVE, they are so amazed at the quality in taste that they started purchasing THRIVE instead of other company’s products.  I also know of a large preparedness store (Be Ready Inc.) who has carried many food storage brands for years.  When they tasted THRIVE, they got rid of nearly every other brand and only carry THRIVE now.  It is that much better!   THRIVE food really is delicious.




You can get THRIVE for free!  Seriously!  Just share it with your friends and family in your home, by phone, video or completely online!  Learn more about that here.   You can also sell THRIVE and earn income!  If you are passionate about food storage, that is an incredible  opportunity!  Learn more about that here.

Most THRIVE food products list the number of 1/4 cup servings on their cans.  This is because 1/4 cup freeze dried is usually about equal to 1 serving from the food pyramid.  On average, there is about 11-12 cups (by volume)in each #10 can.  When I compare costs by per 1/4 cup serving instead of just by #10 can, THRIVE is almost always within $1-$2 (above or below) other companies.

There are a few things that are better compared another way.  For example, I compare milk by the number of gallons you get from one #10 can and I compare eggs by the number of large eggs you get from one #10 can (THRIVE has 236 medium eggs in one can or about 177 large eggs).

Other Companies

Some other companies list 1/2 cup serving or have less (or more) total volume in a can than THRIVE.  In addition, depending on the exact water content, the same amount of volume may weigh slightly different from company to company.


Make sure you are comparing apples to apples: compare by the number of 1/4 cup servings most of the time!  When you do this, the prices of THRIVE are are very competitive!  They aren’t significantly lower or higher than most other brands.  What sets them apart from other companies is the opportunity to earn free product, 50% off product and even income!


Use / Rotation

All THRIVE products are available as individual ingredients in separate cans.  This means they are easy to use and rotate in your own regular old recipes.  I know many people who want their food storage as “just add water entrees.”  That doesn’t work for me because I never eat them.  Plus, most “just add water meals” are very high in sodium in order to maintain a shelf life.  You’d get very sick if you had to eat these meals consistently for any long period of time.  Over the last few years, I’ve met many people who have regretted purchasing it this way. I just never feel like a “just add water meal” for dinner!  So, I love that most THRIVE products come as individual ingredients.  It makes it possible to “eat what you store and store what you eat.”
And if you are new to freeze dried foods, THRIVE also employs a professional chef: Chef Todd, to cook with THRIVE and develop fabulous recipes.  He even has a cooking show each month! You can also find a bunch of recipes in the  THRIVE cookbook, and on the THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) website.  I also cook with THRIVE regularly and you can find my recipes here at Your Own Home Store.
In addition, THRIVE Life does offer 12 “just add water” meals called THRIVE Express.  These were developed by Chef Todd and most of them taste fabulous!  While they have a 10 yr shelf life, they are intended more as a replacement for fast food or “Hamburger helper” types meals which are not healthy.  And while they do have some natural additives to maintain their shelf life (as opposed to the single ingredient products), they have no added sodium. THRIVE Life’s goals with THRIVE Express is not just to put food in your storage, but to provide you with quick, healthy options for feeding your family today!
Plus, THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) also offers their patented food rotation systems that make it even easier to properly rotate and use your food.  Many people first find THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) because they want one of these systems!
Other Companies

Some long term food storage companies sell mostly pre-made entrees.  As I mentioned above, I just never feel like eating one for dinner.  I’ve tasted many, many brands and most just aren’t that good.  And often, it is tough to use pre-made meals as part of an existing recipe.   This makes rotating this food very difficult, and often it just goes to waste b/c it is not used by its expiration date.  Plus, you can’t eat them for an extended period of time b/c of the high sodium content.  (THRIVE Life does offer some just add water meals that were developed by Chef Todd)

Some other companies only offer certain products as part of a package: breakfast packs, starter packs, etc. This makes it difficult to customize your food to fit your family’s needs b/c you can’t purchase them separately if you want to. (THRIVE does offer a pre-made packages, but you can also create your own package with the Planner).


In my opinion, purchasing your food storage as single ingredients is the way to go.  You will avoid waste of product and money and get much healthier food!  THRIVE meets this requirement for me!


Customer Service / Support
THRIVE Life has an incredibly helpful and friendly customer service department (an 800#).  At times they are under a lot of stress due to the high demands of these products, yet not once have a heard a less than friendly voice on the line when I’ve called.

However, in addition to their customer service department, THRIVE Life has thousands of independent consultants (like me!) making it easy for their customers to get individual, personalized service and help when they need it.  Consultants are called consultants for a reason: I want you to contact me with any and all questions you may have. That is one of the biggest reasons I started this blog: to help all of you use and enjoy the products you were purchasing from me.  This type of support is much better than just an 800#.

Other Companies

Correct me if I am wrong, but I only know of one other long term food storage company who sells their products through independent consultants. If you have questions about most company’s products, you are left to calling a 800 # or “googling” it.


I’d much prefer to have my own personal “food storage consultant” when making a large investment into any brand food storage!  Before I became a consultant myself, I relied heavily on my consultant to help me create a plan that would work for my family!  In fact, I often still rely on her advice!




THRIVE foods come in #10 cans (aka a 1 gallon can or about 11-12 cups by volume).  The cans are double lined to prevent rust from the outside or the “tin-like” taste on the inside.  They are already appropriately packaged for long term storage.  No need to get your own cans and oxygen absorbers and package the food yourself.  No need to worry about if you did it right.  THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)’s on-site quality assurance department and FSIS inspector have already done it for you!

In addition many THRIVE foods also come in two smaller sizes to help meet your needs: , pantry cans (about 2 1/2 cups by volume) or pouches (about 1 cup by volume).

Plus, some THRIVE foods are offered in large 6 gallon buckets!  These buckets provide a serious cost savings per serving and the product inside the bucket is appropriately packaged inside a sealed mylar bag ready for long term storage.  Once you open the bag, you can access your food while still keeping it fresh b/c each bucket comes with a gamma lid!

And, just for fun (and good looks), all THRIVE cans are also color coded based on the food pyramid, and there is a delicious recipe on the back of every can.

Other Companies

Some companies provide products in bulk (large bags etc), but you then have to find a way to package these products for long term storage yourself.  This creates an additional expense and takes additional time.

Some companies line their cans on the outside, but as I am writing this article (June 2011), I personally know of no other company that also lines them on the inside.

There are very few companies that offer sizes smaller than a #10 can.  This can be difficult if you live alone (college students or empty nesters) or want to use the product for backpacking / camping.


Once again, THRIVE Life shows their commitment to quality by using high quality packaging materials and their commitment to meeting their customer’s needs by providing many different sized product.


Based on the above research, I decided about in July of 2010 that THRIVE was the food storage I wanted to purchase for my family.  I then became a consultant and started selling it in November of 2010.  I’m so glad I made both of those decisions!  I truly believe THRIVE is the best option available.


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9 Responses to THRIVE foods vs Other Food Storage Brands

  1. Cindy March 25, 2015 at 12:16 pm #


    I know you mentioned oxygen absorbers is the tin canned foods. Are there oxygen absorbers in the 6 gallon buckets too?

    Thank you ahead for your response on this.


    • Misty March 26, 2015 at 10:47 am #

      Sorry for my crazy late response here Cindy, but yes, there are (larger) oxygen absorbers in teh buckets. The food in the buckets is actually sealed inside a large mylar bag too.

  2. Paul Egan November 28, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Thrive sells Chinese products, misrepresents the actual calories and total servings found per can. We have found Thrive to not be the company you claim it to be, so yes, we’re pretty sure you’re quite biased.

    Let’s see you post this in full-disclosure and honesty.

    • Misty November 28, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

      Wow. I’m always surprised by people who need to cut others down. You can see here

      exactly where each product comes from and not one is from China. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but I personally know the owners and top executives. I’ve spent a great deal of time with them. They are extremely honest, trustworthy, good people. They do not mis-represent themselves in anyway.

      I’m happy to leave your comment up in “full-disclosure and honesty”, but see no credibility to it. What are your sources?

    • Carolyn November 29, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

      I am looking to purchase a large order in the next two weeks. Please help me to understand why you formed the opinion you did? It would be helpful to me and others, as we seek out the best foodstuff and value, in this process of choosing long term storage.
      Thank you so much.

      • Misty November 29, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

        Hey Carolyn,

        I’m not sure if you were asking me or Paul. I will answer and if you were asking Paul, hope he answers as well! (-:

        For me it came down to quality. I did a bunch of research on quality control and found THRIVE to be the most careful. I LOVED the double lined cans as much storage I had purchased previously did not offer this and many products ended up tasting like tin. I LOVED that they pkgd all their own food and that they were serious about finding non-GMO products and not using un-natural additives / preservatives.

        Then, after doing that research, I had the opportunity to go to a preparedness store that had carried multiple food brands for 20+ years. He was getting rid of everything and just carrying THRIVE b/c he thought the difference was that significant. I got to taste a bunch of brands (all unmarked) and compare them to THRIVE. It was incredible how different they were. THRIVE was far superior in taste. I was actually very surprised (this was AFTER I’d decided to sell it and after I wrote this article).

        Plus there are the host benefits. I give all customers 10% back in free product, so that can help with the cost. For example If you purchase $1000, you get $1100 etc.

        If you’d like me to send you any samples, I’m happy to. I think everyone should be able to try something before making such a huge investment! I offer up to $70 in free samples for just the cost of shipping / tax. Let me know what you’d like to try!


        • Meag December 15, 2014 at 11:14 am #

          Hi misty! Do you still offer these samples if the customer pays the shipping. I googled thrive sbd found your blog and am trying to decide what food storage to buy and would like to try some thrive samples.

          • Misty December 16, 2014 at 10:11 am #

            Hi Meag! I do still offer samples, though how I go about it is a bit different. I will send you an email!