Food Storage Recipes Roundup 1/10/12

A few of you have asked for more recipes on the blog.  I’m working on that and REALLY excited to reveal what I’ve got “cooking.” (pun intended!).  Hopefully I will get to do that this Saturday.  In the meantime, it has been about 6 weeks since I did a roundup of some of the great food storage recipes out there from all the great food storage / preparedness sites I follow.  Here are some of the recipes that stood out to me recently:


Banana Snack Cakefrom Valerie at Prepared LDS Family.You could easily use freeze dried bananas and butter powder in this recipe. banana snack cake
granola Multigrain Granolafrom Megan at Food Storage Cookbook.I know homemade granola is relatively common, but this looks INCREDIBLE!  I will be making this on Saturday with my kids so we can have it as a snack “from our pantry” the next week.
Sun Oven Applesauce Muffinsfrom Crystal (via Diana) at Everyday Food StorageThis not only uses food storage, but was made in a Sun Oven!  How cool is that!? sun oven muffins
two bean chili Two Bean Chilifrom Emily at Cleanliness is next to Godliness.Make this with instant beans, freeze dried spinach and onion and you have a healthy, delicious, economical food storage meal!
Multigrain Breadfrom Sara at Our Best BitesThis may be my go to recipe for the bread I perfect this year.  It is tasty.  I used my Thrive 9 grain cracked cereal. Sliced-Bread-2
orange food storage cookies White Chocolate Orange Dream Cookiesfrom Heather at Cooking with my food storageHeather is a master at using Butter Powder in recipes!

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