The Thrive Life Black Friday Sale 2016

The Thrive Life Black Friday Sale is HERE! Because of it’s higher quality, Thrive Food can be a bit pricier than other food storage brands most of the year. When people tell me – it’s too pricey – I say:   “Wait ’til the Thrive Life Black Friday Sale and then you can stock up […]

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How to use oxygen absorbers the right way

When I first started seriously looking into food storage back in 2007, I had no clue how to use oxygen absorbers. But I quickly learned that using oxygen absorbers to package dry foods you buy in bulk is an inexpensive way to begin a basic food storage.  But in order to do so safely, you […]

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first aid skills for kids | How to teach first aid to kids

The 5 Important First Aid Skills Your Kids Need to Know

First Aid skills for kids is something we may, as parents, want to shelter our children from.  I know I worry that if I start talking about situations that would require first aid with my kids that I just may end up  terrifying them.  The protector in me wants to shelter my kids and allow […]

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How to compare food storage prices wisely

There are a lot of options out there for food storage.  One big consideration (though not the only one) is cost. Unfortunately, I’ve found that most people don’t compare food storage prices wisely.  To be fair, it can be a bit tricky.  Marketers are smart – and the way they market their food storage prices […]

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