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Cooking for One the THRIVE way...

Cooking for One the THRIVE way…

Francesca here!  I’m the Your Own Home Store Team member with a passion for taking simple food items and elevating them to something elegant. I realized many years ago that cooking for one is not easy.  I do not mean throwing a frozen entrée in the microwave and waiting 5 minutes, I mean cooking a […]

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smart start

Introducing THRIVE Smart Start

The #1 question I get when I do an in-home cooking demonstration with THRIVE foods is: Where do I start?   People LOVE these foods.  I’ve never shared them with someone who wasn’t impressed with their quality: taste and otherwise.  Right now there are 140 different THRIVE foods, which is fantastic.  But trying to decide […]

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5 steps to adjust your mindset

Brigette here.  The Your Own Home Store team member with a focus on Backwoods Living. It seldom fails. When someone hears that my family likes to hunt or have a garden, keep chickens and goats, sew and quilt, or any of the other old time skills we enjoy, I know the question as it is […]

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Why I am PROUD to be involved with Shelf Reliance

I became a THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) consultant because their high quality foods were the only thing I wanted to store for my family.  I thought that by becoming a consultant I would be able to get those foods for free.  I was right.  After a year and a half as a consultant, I’ve […]

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