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Shelf Reliance THRIVE 36 Bucket Package

Save $544 This package provides nearly 2 million calories, or over 15,000 servings!  That is enough calories to feed 3 people 1800 calories per day or 4 people 1400 calories per day for an entire year! (details below).  You can purchase it for 2,127.24, $1861.11 $1,582.69 plus 5% shipping* thru 1/22/12, which is a discount […]

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January Specials

Food Rotation Systems (These are REALLY good prices!): **Note: These prices may not show up until you are actually in the checkout process. If for any reason, you do not get these prices when checking out, please contact me** Cansolidator Pantry: $21.49 (52% off) Cansolidator Cupboard: $19.49 (44% off) Harvest 72″: $264.99 (43% off)Harvest 72″ […]

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