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July 2011 Shelf Reliance Specials: Emergency Supplies

XXV Series Deluxe First Aid Kit: $29.69 (regularly $35.99) Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story: $69.29 (regularly $99.99) Outdoor Camp Oven, 2 Burner: $247.49 (regularly $279.99) Solar Sun Oven: $281.21 (regularly $324.99) Stove in a Can (these are great for 72 hr kits): $16.99 (regularly $19.99) 8 Function Survival Tool: $3.95 (regularly $4.99) Deluxe Survival Kit: […]

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July 2011 Shelf Reliance Specials: Food Rotation Systems

These are amazing prices!  Most are 40%-50% off! NOTE: Some discounts will not show until items are added to your cart. Cansolidator Pantry: $21.92 Cansolidator Cupboard: $19.88 Harvest 72″: $270.29 Harvest 72″ for #10 cans only: $270.29 Ready Racks:  $280.49  All other food rotation systems and accessories: 35% OFF! Remember, you will save an additional 2%-4% […]

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July 2011 Shelf Reliance Specials: THRIVE #10 Cans

Remember that if you purchase any of these items in a case (6 of the same), you will save an additional 5% per can. FruitsFreeze Dried Banana Slices: $25.39 (great in banana bread)Freeze Dried Mangoes: $21.19 (try these pacos) VegetablesDehydrated Potato Chunks: $10.69 (wonderful addition to soups)Tomato Powder: $30.99 (one of my favorite products) DairyButter […]

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Aug 2011 Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant Specials

YOU MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO GET THE FOLLOWING PACKAGES.  THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE SHELF RELIANCE WEBSITE.  I OFFER THEM AS A COURTESY TO MY READERS.  [email protected] or 760-637-7296 Fruit and Veggie Sampler: $67.25 ($102.35 retail price when bought separately)99 servings in 14 Mylar Bags 20 Servings Freeze Dried Strawberries 7 Servings Freeze […]

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July 2011 Shelf Reliance Specials: THRIVE food packages

Fruits Fruit Sample Pack: $232.99 ($320 retail price when bought separately) Nine #10 cans of various fruits Basic 3-month Freeze Dried Fruits: $154.99 (regularly $179.99)253 Servings in Six #10 cans VegetablesVegetable Sample Pack: $189.99 ($297 retail price when bought separately)One #10 can of all vegetables except potato dices and dehydrated onions Supreme 3 Month Veggies: […]

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Day #1: Networking and Commercials

Course Description: Learn: Watch videos to learn about what networking is and why it is important, and how to create your own 30 second “commercials” for your business! Develop: Practice skills that will allow to to comfortably and effectively approach leads and turn them into party hosts! Act: Book your first two parties!  Create & […]

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